Medical Case Study

Case Study for OSU

Case Study for OSU

Projects completed for OSU Wexner, OSUWMC, OSU (Tobacco Center of Regulatory), and OSUCCC – The James

Key points:

The challenge presented to me was to create new pages or to edit existing pages to make content more impactful and engaging and take the target audience(s) on a journey. My main goal was to take highly technical medical information and transform it so it is palatable, understandable, and acts as a valuable resource for existing and new patients and their families. The main role was to create content for the website(s), but I also helped with writing copy for advertisements and specialized pages.

Considerations while researching and creating content included being compassionate and accurate with all information provided. A lot of the time for these projects consisted of researching medical and cancer data on reputable medical websites to ensure all information was verified and accurate. Depending on what the page was, the project might involve completely new research and vetting of information, or I may have to re-write and verify data before adding it to an existing page.

Each page or section of the website that I wrote for would have a slightly different tone. For example, pages that encourage a new patient to seek medical advice would vary from pages giving information to existing patients and their families about signs to look for after treatment. Additionally, some of the pages or sections would encourage patients to dig around and look at different resources. In other sections of the website, I would create or edit a page for donors or individuals who would be attending an event or conference. These pages would be written in a different manner than those with medical advice or information.

Each page would not only be written with the target audience or patient in mind, but the strategy would also include SEO. This means researching and including enough keywords to attract the right clients or patients, but keeping within search engine rules so as not to flag the client’s website in any way.